Play tennis for 100 years!

Now, How could that be possible?

Well, if You are curious, – Read on!

Tennis players would agree; there are some things about this game that are just unusual and those things only become apparent when you  start taking this game seriously. No I don’t mean seriously like in becoming a star or playing the US open or anything like that. I mean just looking at the games physiological and  psychological aspects, some of which are blatantly obvious and are listed below.

  • Minimal Injuries
    Compared to other sports, tennis is very safe. Most injuries are related to overplaying or overuse, but  even those can be minimized or even eliminated with proper exercise. (example- warming up properly and cooling down with  appropriate stretching exercises)Everyone can and should love being able to play and  have fun without risking injury!
  • No anger management sessions needed, this is better.
    Had a hard day at work? Go hit some balls on the court! Not many better ways to relieve stress than by hitting some balls as hard as you can. The feeling is excellent and  it feels even better when they go in !
  • An amazing Workout.
    Playing any  sport is usually a good workout, but few sports offer the aerobic activity that tennis offers. Tennis keeps  players in  constant motion, and uses nearly every muscle in the body. Short sprints and  constant changes of direction, builds muscle and stamina consistently.
  • It’s Inexpensive!
  • In some quarters, tennis is viewed as an elitist sport.  Lessons can be expensive,  but once you have the proper gear( a racket and some balls) ,    you can find a free court or a makeshift one everywhere. Not too many sports afford this kind of freedom.

*Played All Over- Everywhere
Regardless of  where you are, its a good chance there’s a tennis court nearby. Courts are in rich and poor areas alike-almost in any country and on every continent on the earth. Hotels, resorts, indoor in colder areas, outdoor in warmer climates and usually all year round in some locations that have both.

* It’s great for Mind and Body

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Tennis is a mental  sport as well as a physical one.  It is both physiclly and mentally challenging because it forces you to move, anticipate, think and plan ahead,  even adapt different strategies to fit your game or the conditions whether you are playing on Clay, Grass or Hardcourts. All good tennis players develop strong mental acuity. Playing tennis forces you to get into shape, while providing more mental  stimulation than most or all other sports.

* Does not need a ton of people to play!
To play you need a racket, balls, and one more person to play a good game of tennis. If you cannot find at least one more person, you can still get a  good work out hitting against a wall or backboard. Hitting and returning a ball by yourself or with spectators will still develop your shots and sharpen  your timing in preparation for play..

* Great socializing tool. 
Beginner tennis is great fun while encouraging competition. It is a very social sport. There are breaks that can be taken during games for  refreshments, conversation, planning, cooperation and even encouragement(during team competition). The opportunity to travel and make new friends is also an integral part of community tennis.

* Age is no Barrier.
Tennis  is great for all ages. Children can start very young, often as early as three or four years old. You can play as long as you are able to walk. If you are blessed to start playing at say 4, and live to 104 or beyond, you could easily play for 100 years or more.

Now, what do you think?


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