What we see a tennis game today has developed over thousands of years. Although there is evidence that tennis was played in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, most historians believe that this game was originated in France and was played by French monasteries, around the year 1000.

Tennis was derived from the Real tennis by sampling it’s few rules as Real tennis is played with more complicated rules.

Historians believe that this game was originated in 12th century in France, but earlier the ball was used to be hit by palms of hands hence known as jeu de paume (“game of the palm”).later it was played with gloves an in sixteenth-century racquets came and the game was renamed as tennis.

The tennis is actually derived from a French word tenez which means hold, receive or take.

Similarly, racquets came from an Arabic word rakhat which means the palm of the hand.
In earlier centuries this game was popular in England and France and later for many hundred years, it spread throughout the Europe. By the 13th century, there were around 1800 tennis courts in France.

In earlier phases the game was played with rubber ball and wooden racket, the racket was okay but the ball used to wear and tear, and this was the main reason to abandon this game by almost everybody in 1700s, up till 1850 Charles Goodyear was a person to give a new life to this game by inventing a process which makes the natural rubber much and more durable and more applicable for daily use, This breakthrough allowed for the creation of durable bouncier balls.

Later few improvement in were made like more fancy and durable balls with round wire net racquets, and bands and pads were also introduced. The open lawn was transformed into fancy rectangular courts with grass on the periphery. A few rules of the game was also modified later which was made by All England club, hundred and hundreds years ago.

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